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Long Time No Write

2 days until my flight leaves.

2 days... wow, that is not very long.

I am currently working on setting up my own website.

so this is going to fall into even more disrepair.

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I need a job, my time is running out to get a job before I want to fly off to Vietnam.

The only positive reply I have gotten so far as said they cannot interview me before I graduate. I do not know why this is, however I don't think there is any way I can get around it.

I want to buy a plane ticket before gas prices rise any higher than they already are. I fear that if I wait much longer the prices will rise and I won't get a seat for June 1st.

I also don't want to push my date back from June 1st due because I have pretty much cut ties with everything as of then, job, housing, etc.

I don't need this stress with finals and projects being due within the next 2 weeks.

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A little Backstory

Why I'm doing this.

After reading through a bunch of the forums here, and some of the blogs, I have come to feel I am not like the majority of the travelers here. While I would really like to travel around the world, right now I am only concerned with traveling to one place.

That place is Vietnam. I am going to move there after I graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this spring. This seems to be quite an odd thing to do, from the reactions I have gotten from most people. So let me explain why it is that I am moving. I have this girlfriend, she is Vietnamese. I care for her very much. She had to leave the country to go back to her homeland in December. I refuse to lose someone I care about over something trivial like distance (trivial in today's global trekking society).

Since I am graduating, and also have travel lust, I feel that it is a great idea to join her in Vietnam. I am currently attempting to find a job either teaching English or working in a scientific company. I seem to be finding great difficulty in both endeavors.

This blog will likely be something akin to an instructional guide to moving (hopefully successfully), and some personal observations. With plenty of pictures for my parents and friends too.

We shall see what comes of it. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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First Attempt


This is my first attempt at getting this blog thing going.

I'll probably end up just using this as a page to vent frustrations, but hopefully some useful information may appear here for others in my situation.

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